This website provides a science-based site selection and mitigation framework for energy development. It describes avoidance, minimization, and/or mitigation actions appropriate to a range of environmental impacts.

The collaborative organization working in each state reached consensus on a set of species and ecosystems or habitats that may be impacted by wind development and drafted best conservation practices for them. Final determinations on species and habitats to include in the framework were made based on the scientific merits of the nexus between renewable energy and the species or ecosystems of concern.


Select the state where the wind energy development will be located to display a list of priority resource concerns. Then select one or more concerns that may affect the potential site. When finished, hit the Continue button to download the GIS Shapefiles and the Best Management Practices PDFs.


Playa Lakes Joint Venture, one of the partners involved in the Colorado Renewables and Conservation Collaborative and New Mexico Wind and Wildlife Collaborative, provides hosting for this online tool.

Partnerships Partners throughout the Southern Great Plains worked together to develop this Southern Plains Wind & Wildlife Planner. Learn more about the Colorado Renewable & Conservation Collaborative and the New Mexico Wind & Wildlife Collaborative. This website was made possible by a grant from the Wildlife Conservation Society's Wildlife Action Opportunities Fund.